JETRO offers free incubator services Japanese high tech companies


JETRO, the Japan External Trade Organization, is offering free business incubator services in the US and UK to qualifying Japanese high tech start-ups. Targeted market sectors include IT, biotechnology, nanotechnology, environmental and process technology, and others. The JETRO services include both hard (physical space and facilities) and soft (consultation on visa, business incorporation, legal agreements, business plan review, marketing research support, business process advice, lodging and transportation guidance, as well as access to a network of lawyers, accountants, and business professionals.) 

The initial term is one year with the possibility of extension. The organization also offers short term housing and relocation support programs.

This causes us to ponder two questions. First, why don't more Japanese robotics companies, especially the small startups, take advantage of programs like this to establish themselves in the US and UK markets? Second, what type of similar programs are supported by the US and UK governments to assist their startups in establishing a foothold here?


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