District 9 "Prawn" Raises Yawns on Tokyo Streets (Video)

“District 9”, the South African SF hit movie nominated for Oscars in four different categories, is set to open April 10th here in Japan. To help promote the film and generate public interest, GagaMovie arranged for one of the giant alien “Prawns” from the movie to roam the streets of Tokyo. Apparently they hoped to shock and amaze residents, and perhaps get some well-deserved press coverage of the stunt.

They should have known better. Tokyo residents must be among the most jaded, or the most unperturbable people on the planet. Perhaps they have already seen everything, including bizarre crustations from another planet walking down the street right next to them. As you can see from these video clips, hardly anyone even raised an eyebrow.

Of course, we blame their response all on Danny Choo’s Tokyo Dance Trooper:

After all, once you’ve seen Danny get down and boogie, everything else is going to seem pretty ho-hum.


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