DiagonalUK Misses The Point About ROBO-ONE (Video)

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We're big fans of the DiagonalUK YouTube videos, and we're happy to see that the featured comments from Nishimura-san, the founder of ROBO-ONE, in their video footage from ROBO-ONE 17 held last month in Kawasaki.

Unfortunately, they missed the whole point. Nishimura's objective in creating the ROBO-ONE movement was to challenge builders to develop useful humanoid robots that could be put to use in helpful situations. 

When he realized that a robot that couldn't get up by itself, or one that broke easily, wouldn't be very useful, he decided the best challenge would be for the robots to fight each other. That way their ability would improve rapidly. 

It was never the goal of ROBO-ONE to develop robots to fight toe-to-toe with humans, though we do joke about the possibility from time to time. The robots, and their battles, are exciting enough without the added hype.


2 thoughts on “DiagonalUK Misses The Point About ROBO-ONE (Video)

  1. The ultimate goal is to have a robot fight a human? Well, I don’t see that happening ever, really, because a robot would be too hard (solid metal) to hit with a fist without the human severely hurting himself. That’s assuming the robot is the same size as the human fighter. Something like that just can’t happen … right? You’d have to build the robot to be specifically vulnerable in ways a human could fairly compete in boxing (or kick boxing). Now that would be a challenge. Most engineers wouldn’t think of building a robot with specific faults/vulnerabilities for competing successfully in match competitions. Entry rules like ‘robot must be able to be stunned or disabled (based on randomized algorithm) by the impact of a human fist with x amount of pounds per square inch”. Yep, that would be challenging.

  2. Jim,

    I don’t think we need to make robots that can be hurt like humans. We humans can defeat any robots. Think about ASIMO, for example. We could just sneak up behind it and take out the batteries. Or, in the spirit of ROBO-ONE, knock it over 3 times to win. Another example is a giant robot hand. They need to be specifically programmed and even then we humans could probably dodge them enough to get to a power cord. I can’t think of any robot that can defeat a human because none of them have the combined skills to do it. They need to track, dodge, and attack their opponent all while keeping their balance. I can’t think of any that can do that quite yet.

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