A Look Back At Tiny Wave – The Up & Coming ROBO-ONE Robot (Video)

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You would expect that if a top ROBO-ONE builder decided to design a commercial robot kit it would turn out to be awesome. That's exactly what we're seeing with Tomio Sugiura's Tiny Wave humanoid. Drawing on years of experience as one of the ROBO-ONE and ROBO-ONE Gran Prix Champion, Sugiura has definitely come out with a winner.

Tiny Wave, which embodies many of the features and design concepts proven in competition by Sugiura's well known, and loved, Dynamizer robot, captured many of the top slots at the ROBO-ONE Light competition held last month here in Kawasaki, outperforming many designs from established humanoid kit makers that have been on the market for years.

Watching the ROBO-ONE Soccer video above, featuring the Tiny Wave powered "Espresso Pacchigi" team, it's easy to see how quick, agile, and responsive the robot design is. Keep in mind, that match took place in July, 2009 when Tiny Wave was still in its prototype/beta phase. The current versions are even better.

By the way, the tall, lanky, British looking gentleman playing on the Expresso Pacchigi team is non-other than Robin Harding with the UK Financial Times newspaper. Robin was researching the ROBO-ONE scene for a major feature that appeared in the Financial Times Weekend magazine and was 'adopted' (at least for a few weeks that summer) by the Sugiura family.


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