Vlog 3/19/2010: Humanoid Helper Robots Advance (Video)

Robots Dreams Vlog: March 19, 2010

With a couple major ROBO-ONE events starting tomorrow, we realized the need to catch up on processing, and posting, the highlights of the ROBO-ONE competitions we attended over the past two months. Otherwise the content, videos and photos, will fill our To-Do cache to overflowing.

A good place to start is with the 2nd Humanoid Helper Project competition. This particular aspect of ROBO-ONE is intended to stimulate interest and technologies that will eventually result in commercial robots assisting us at home and all aspects of our daily lives.

The first challenge was to fetch something useful, like a beverage bottle. Here’s a breif overview featuring Doka Harumi:

And, thanks to Iketomu, here’s a video of Doka Harumi’s complete run.

It may seem like the robot is a little jerky and unstable. The problem stems primarily from the fact that she’s being controlled by a remote operator who has to watch everything via the video she streams back to him. So the robot will take a couple steps, then stop while the operator decides what to do next. Doka Harumi’s overall structure and design is quite stable under other circumstances.


One thought on “Vlog 3/19/2010: Humanoid Helper Robots Advance (Video)

  1. haha .. it’s got a creepy glowing red terminator looking eye! I guess we have a long way to go before we have bots like in the movie I-Robot with Will Smith. At least we’re slowly progressing in the right direction. I think most people would be surprised we’re not doing better by now.

    I wish I could be the one to invent such robots first. I could use the trillions of dollars in revenue! 😉

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