Robots Rule at UK Maker Faire (Video)

Our friends at the UK Robot Group took part in the UK Maker Faire last weekend and showed off their stuff, including the ever delightful Sir Kitt robot. From the looks of the video they sent in, the event was a huge success, and featured a lot more robots and robot related projects that we ever expected.


One thought on “Robots Rule at UK Maker Faire (Video)

  1. I always love watching the rubik’s cube bots at work. The animitronic horse at seven minutes is scary looking. It looks like it might have been a disneyland animitronic failure that ended up doing side jobs at shows like this for coppers in a hat. :) No, but honestly, it was cool to look at. The first air powered (was it air powered) bot (in a homemade show like this) I think I’ve seen so that’s a plus.

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