Robotics as a Business

Surgery robot
Our readers that are interested in the business and investing aspects of robotics will want to put the Intuitive Surgical First Quarter 2010 earnings conference call on their calendar for April 15th at 4:30 pm (ET). Intuitive Surgical is the developer of the well known da Vinci surgical system, and their performance is sure to be an indication of what is in store for practical robot applications.

You’ll also want to put Frank Tobe’s “The Robot Report” on the list of blogs to review regularly. Unlike a lot of other robot sites that feature “flash & trash”, Frank is 100% focused on the business of robotics, and always has some interesting or thought-provoking information to share.

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  1. Jim Norcal

    “Flash and Trash”? Never heard that one before. Not quite sure what it means other than .. um … some flashy content that isn’t worth anything? No, maybe that’s not right either.

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