Robot Music Video Rocks (Video)

With the next major ROBO-ONE competition just weeks away, the champion builders are ramping up their efforts to field not only the strongest robot for the battles in the ring, but also to capture the attention, and hearts, of the judges and audience.

One of our long time favorites, Dr. GIY, definitely plans on surprising and delighting everyone at the competition. Here’s his latest, mind-blowingly cute, robot music video creation:

Robots are already replacing humans in the factory, on the roads, and show promise of replacing us on the soccer field. It won’t be long before they become our favorite perfomers on MTV.


One thought on “Robot Music Video Rocks (Video)

  1. One of these days I’ve got to get me one of these bi-bed robots so I can play and have fun too! They’re still out of my price range and I’m hoping that when I finally do get one I won’t have to learn some strange archaic language in order to make it work (a .net language like c# or even would be great for me so I wouldn’t have to spend a decade learning something new).

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