ROBO-ONE Action Gets Better and Better (Video)

The action at the two ROBO-ONE competitions over the weekend was fantastic. The entry level competition on Saturday, ROBO-ONE Light, surprised us with the skill and professionalism of many competitors that were in the ring for the first time. Then Sunday’s competition, the 17th in the series, totally blew us, and the rest of the fans away.

Here’s the final, suspense filled match featuring Super Dygar (the red robot that starts off on the right side of the ring) and Neutrino (on the left with the large paddle hands.)

Videos courtesy of Iketomu

Super Dygar won the the final match, and the overall championship, with Neutrino taking home 2nd place. It was a very emotional match, with many fans rooting for the Neutrino team of students from Hida Kamioka High School in Gifu, originally considered to be a slight underdog in the competition. The reason we say ‘slight’ is that many of the fans that we talked to admired the technical ability and spirit of the young students, and there was a strong emotional connection, they questioned whether or not the Neutrino team could prevail against such tough, seasoned, competitors.

In making their way to the final match, Neutrino had to first defeat Yohan in the 1st round, Simple Fighter (Zeno) in the 2nd round, Summit (Robot Factory – Korea) in the 3rd round, and Stormwave Light 2 in the semi-finals; while Super Dygar defeated ivre-petit in the 1st round, NagareGold in the 2nd round, Leghorn (the popular rooster robot) in the 3rd round, and Garoo (Kumama) in the semi-finals.

Here are the two semi-final matches-

Super Dygar, by the way, is part of the Fukuoka robot community that includes many top ROBO-ONE builders like Holy Pong, Yumae (HotProceed), and CraftHouse that have been making some real advances in humanoid robot performance. We’ll report more about some of their exciting projects in a follow-on post.


One thought on “ROBO-ONE Action Gets Better and Better (Video)

  1. Does anyone know if these competitions are completely autonomous or is someone controlling these bots via remote control like an RC toy? The wikipedia page (link to is unclear on this. It just says “if the robot is autonomous” .. so I take that to mean that the bots can completely work on their own or be remotely controlled? Having a remotely controlled bot against an autonomous bot would seem to be an unfair advantage.

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