New Ironman 2 Trailer Packs a Surprise

Ironman robot
Here in Japan the new Ironman 2 trailer is available online, and is pretty much the same as the US version until the very last moment when they reveal a really unique cell phone strap/toy that will be used to promote the movie here. It’s 50% cute and 50% WTF.

It turns out that the movie distributor here thought that Kewpie dolls would be a perfect fit for Ironman.

Ironman robot cupie

Apparently this isn’t the first time that Kewpie has morphed to take on other personalities.

Kewpie disney characters


3 thoughts on “New Ironman 2 Trailer Packs a Surprise

  1. He comes with a preorder of the movie ticket, and luckily, you can put the mask down if you don’t wanna see kewpie face.

    …as I did immediately with mine.

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