How Olympus Uses Humanoid Robots To Market Cameras (Video)

In todays world, major digital camera manufacturers have to deal with rapid technological evolution, intense price pressure both from their competitors and customers, and the inevitable merge between still photography and video. It’s a major challenge to differentiate themselves, and their product lines, from other cameras on the market.

So, for the CP+ Camera and Photo Imaging Show, where Olympus wanted to show off their latest digital camera with a dedicated record button that allows the user to instantly shift from taking still photos to recording high definition video, they decided to call in the robots. Kyosho MANOI robots, to be more precise.


One thought on “How Olympus Uses Humanoid Robots To Market Cameras (Video)

  1. If the researchers and administrators at MIT grow old and die and no one reads about them or furthers their research efforts to any manner of practical import in the future, it will be because they’re all simply just a bunch of Godless, bourgeois rats. Every generation has ’em … .

    The capacity for cognition is transmitted via Cloud? I like the idea, concept. I like these robots, alot, too. They will make fine research models for Miley and I to investigate our ideas with.

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