Bots High: A robot documentary in the works

Joey Daoud wrote in to tell us about his new project called “Bots High: Documentary on High School Combat Robots”. According to the project webpage,

“The film will follow a few different teams as they design and build their robot, and lead up to the National BattleBots Championship, where the teams' will battle with their robot to see if they built the best in the nation. Kind of like a science sports movie.

Beneath the surface of all the fun and excitement is major science and engineering learning at play. These are high school students building sophisticated robots and machining the parts themselves. Even more awesome is almost half of the teams in South Florida are all-girls teams.

The goal of the film is to be entertaining to all, yet motivating to kids and teenagers to see how fun and exciting match and science can be.”

If you’re interested in supporting the project, or donating to make it happen, then visit the Bots High Kickstarter webpage.


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