WowWee delivers a Toy Fair 2010 surprise (Video)

Wowwee toyfair
Most of us have at least one WowWee robot in our collection, and we have to admit that we have more than half a dozen, and love them. So, we always keep an eye on the annual Toy Fair, held in New York, since it’s usually the event that WowWee, and other companies in the toy/robot sector, use to grab the attention of potential distributors and the press.

The news from Toy Fair 2010, going on for the past few days, hasn’t been encouraging, at least for WowWee robot fans, but we were encouraged when we heard that Lance Ulanoff, one of the top U.S. technology and trend reporters, was really jazzed by WowWee’s latest offering (video below).

What robot had Lance so excited?

Well, we shoulnd’t have gotten our hopes up. Turns out that it wasn’t a robot at all.

Lance was literally over the top about a new series of paper (yes, paper) musical instruments they have creatively dubbed “Paper Jamz”. The paper guitar, which sounds surprisingly good, uses capacitive touch sensors so that you can actually play real chords.

 Here’s Lance doing a great demo of the new WowWee Paper Jamz guitar along with his WowWee Paper Jamz technology report:

Honestly, although it isn’t a robot, and we really, really wanted to see WowWee release some new and exciting robot, we do like the Paper Jamz concept. And there is no doubt that we will buy quite a few of them.


To hack of course! If the list price for the cardboard instruments is only $24.99, then major retailers and online sites will have them for 20?30% less, which is a lot lower than buying the components to start hacking together anything involving musical electronics.

Paper Jamz looks like a hackers dream, even if it isn’t a robot.


2 thoughts on “WowWee delivers a Toy Fair 2010 surprise (Video)

  1. That looks like fun but if these things are (primarily) made of cardboard I can already see the potential for damage especially when parents are buying these products for their 7 and 8 year olds. The moment they spill that cup of cranberry juice or coke all over their new cardboard toy, what happens next? Does the toy mildew, warp and stop working altogether? This may especially be problematic for the cardboard speaker.

  2. The face is paper, the body is plastic. the back is held on w/ screws. This looks to be hackable. My first gripe is no sustain.i think you’d be able to wipe liquids off it in the case of a spill. Possible mods might include pots for adjustments, and if you can find it, a way to interface to an Arduino to use it as a MIDI interface.

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