Tough year ahead for robot toys?

TOY FAIR 2010, one of the most interesting, and exciting, toy exhibitions in the world, runs from February 14th (Valentines Day) through the 17th in New York City. The event, which is only open to people that can prove that they are “in the trade”, draws over 20,000 attendees to view the thousands of toy products on display. It’s the focal point for new product, and product line, announcements.

Toy Fair is also a bellweather event for trends in the industry. Companies that have confidence and want to grab media and public attention, use the event to announce their latest creations. And, those that lack that confidence, or are suffering under severe economic pressure, keep a low profile, or stay home all together.

For example, take a look at this search of the exhibitor list showing companies that tagged themselves with the keyword “robot”:

Bossa Nova Robotics
Elenco Electronics Inc. 
Innovation First, Inc.
OWI Inc.
Silver Dolphin Books
Toynami, Inc.

Interesting, but smaller than we would have expected given the fact that Toy Fair 2010 is forecast to have more than 1,200 exhibitors in total. More interesting are the companies that don’t appear to be showing up. All we can say is “Wow…”.

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  1. Smaller companies or those that don’t necessarily have anything to add should go anyway but each to his own.

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