Tokyo CGM Night #7 Otaku Version (Video)

Great turnout on Saturday night for Tokyo CGM Night #7 “Otaku Version”. We had the chance to make some new contacts and friends, find out how bad we are at playing ‘Rock-Paper-Scissors’ for prizes, catch up with old friends, take a few photos and some video, sample the new Mirai-chan Curry and Mirai-chan Lassi (both were delicious), talk to the Poken Japan folks about their latest version: a really cute Mirai-chan Poken set, and generally have a blast.

One very promising development, based on discussions we had at Tokyo CGMNight, it looks like we may be able to offer some unique products to our regular overseas readers that are usually difficult to find and purchase if you don’t live here in Japan and speak the language fluently.

Many thanks to Danny Choo and Andrew Shuttleworth for staging great events like Tokyo CGM Night.


One thought on “Tokyo CGM Night #7 Otaku Version (Video)

  1. Well, I’m looking forward to see what these products may be, even though I don’t know what CGM night is. It obviously had to do something with a cute doll. :)

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