ROBO-ONE Humanoid Robot Helper Competition Photoset

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What a wonderful, surprising, delightful, and fufilling day at the 2nd ROBO-ONE Humanoid Robot Helper Competiton. We were reminded, over and over again, that ROBO-ONE may be the world's leading humanoid competition, but at the end of the day the most important factor is the people that make it all happen.

We came away with lots of new stories, insight into some new products soon to be released, several hundred great images, a couple hours of competition video, and tons of great memories. Needless to say, we'll be posting much more about the competition, and the people, over the next few days.

In the meantime, please enjoy our ROBO-ONE Helper Robot photoset.


One thought on “ROBO-ONE Humanoid Robot Helper Competition Photoset

  1. The black and white bot with the Gort looking head is scary (just because he resembles gort). 😉

    And was that a terminator looking eye in the female maid bot (red dot in eye)? Ever scarier than gort bot! lol

    The flickr images don’t do the show enough justice as I can’t really tell who performed the best at the liquid pouring out of a bottle competition. Some spilled, apparently.

    I’m not sure how the small bots come into play in this ‘contest’ as they wouldn’t be useful as far as being an in-home assistant. Perhaps they’re just used to demonstrate potential abilities for the future?

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