Pleo alive and well at CES 2010 (Video)

Pleo at ces2010
Pleo, the robotic dinosaur, was showing off its stuff at CES 2010, and looks very much alive and well, even if there haven’t been any really compelling improvements or enhancements since Ugobe went bankrupt.

The robot’s changes, mentioned in the video clip below, include better paint, improved skin, and a new charger design.

Pleo robot video from CES 2010:



One thought on “Pleo alive and well at CES 2010 (Video)

  1. Fantastic.

    Pleo is really an awesome product, way ahead of its time. I have one and if you take the time to explore a bit deeper, adults and kids will get an un-nerving amount of pleasure from it.

    My kids say “Dad are your sssuuurrreee you got Pleo for us?”


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