Onimaru 3 – Yamaguchi's robot gets better and better (Video)

Onimaru ROBO-ONE robot
It’s been a couple years, way too long actually, since we visited with Yamaguchi-san in Kochi and had the opportunity to play with his ROBO-ONE humanoid, Onimaru, and enjoy his unique robot noodles.

Thankfully, he hasn’t been resting on his laurels. Although his trips up to the Tokyo have been infrequent, especially since the ROBO-ONE competition format changed, he has continued to be a dynamic supporter of the regional RoboCountry IV competition in Shikoku, and is actively engaged in introducing young students to the joys of robot development.

At the same time, Yamaguchi-san has evolved the Onimaru robot design through three generations and is hard at work on Onimaru IV. Hopefully we’ll be able to spend some together in March during ROBO-ONE 17. If not, then we’ll just have to hop a plane down in his direction.

Here’s a brief introduction to Onimaru 3’s capabilities including a really slick handstand:

The only question in our minds is, “How can Yamaguchi-san improve on that?” It’s hard to imagine, and will be wonderful to see. We can hardly wait!


4 thoughts on “Onimaru 3 – Yamaguchi's robot gets better and better (Video)

  1. Cool bot! When these things are made into human size and can then run after people, I can see all kinds of scary movie possibilities. We’re getting closer and closer to terminators every day! :)
    So, who’s writing the AI to go along with the scary movie like possibilities?

  2. really its very good and it has done many activities as a human do. i liked it very much.
    will u give me a chance to do a project with your team.

  3. Hello Lem.
    Thank you for Video indication.

    Please come to Kochi again sometime.

    Thank you for commented all of you.

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