Low-cost robot monkey to be released this summer (Video)

Monkey robot
New robot product announcements at the Toy Fair 2010 were pretty limited compared to past years, but we were delighted to hear that one of our friends, Jim Wyatt, the founder and chief creator at MechRC, will be bringing a new low-cost robotic monkey that sits on your shoulder to market this summer.

Jim jokingly refers to his latest robot as the “cheeky monkey”, says it will come with 16 different actions you can trigger using a tiny remote hidden in your pocket. U.S. pricing is expected to be around $20. The little monkey (robot) playing around with the big monkey (Jim) was featured in a NY1 Living Toy Fair news video yesterday.

The monkey robot may seem to be a big departure for MechRC, which up to now has focused on multiple degree of freedom humanoid robots designed for the education and technical hobby markets, but Jim has been deeply involved with toy development at all price points for most of his career.

And, although nothing official has been disclosed, we’re assuming that Nick Donaldson, the creative genius behind “Got Robots?” is also involved somehow:

Hacking the monkey robot should be a blast, and at that low price we should be able to afford several. Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to put together a literal barrel full of robotic monkeys.  

The MechRC promotional video:



One thought on “Low-cost robot monkey to be released this summer (Video)

  1. Hi,

    yes I can confirm the Cheeky Monkey toy is my two-motor design based on the four-servo original seen in the video above. I have used cams to create the four DOFs needed for full animation using only two small toy-grade motors to allow us to hit a low price-point. I am now working closely with MechRC to bring this and other projects to market.



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