Kondo Demonstrates New Wireless LAN Robot Controller (Video)

At the ROBO-ONE Humanoid Robot Helper Project competition in Yokohama this weekend, Kondo, world famous as a leader in hobby and research biped robot kits, took the wraps off their new KCB-3WL controller board  specifically designed for use in robot applications.

Showing off typical applications for the new controller, Kondo demonstrated the board installed in their popular KHR-3HV humanoid robot, as well as a simplier multi-legged crawling bot.


The board was developed by Technocrat Ltd., a wholly owned subsidary of Kondo. Hirokazu Noborisaka, the Technocrat design and development manager responsible for the new controller, presented the key design features and capabilities to the ROBO-ONE audience while the robot was put through it’s paces (video below).


The KCB-3WL control panel used during the demonstration to illustrate the high speed wireless LAN capability including video transmission and processing. Of course the actual display will vary based on implementations. Kondo plans to supply sample programs for the KHR-2HV and KHR-3HV along with source code.


The controller board is compatible with most commercially available USB web cameras. In this particular case, they used a Logicool (Logitec’s brand name in Japan) camera.


The board can be used with a wide range of robot designs, like this 4 legged crawler robot.


The KCB-3WL implemented with a KHR-3HV (video with permission of Iketomu-san)

KCB-3WL controlling a 4 legged robot (video with permission of Iketomu-san):


Height/Width: 49.5 x 52 x 12 mm
CPU: Samsung ARM-based 32 bit, 200 MHz
Memory: RAM 16MByte, Flash ROM 8 MByte
Wireless: IEEE802.11a/b/g (54 Mbps/11 Mbps)
Serial Interface: UART x 2, Console port x 1
USB Port: USB 1.1 x 1 (A type socket), USB camera input (12 Mbps)
GPIO Ports: SPI port, programmable GPIO x 12
Status LEDs: 3
Power: input 16 VDC, internal 5 V/3.3 V
Protocols: Telnet, FTP, HTTP
Development: Linux OS, VMWare Player, cross complier (GCC)

Kondo is currently forecasting market release for April this year at a price point in Japan of 60,000 yen (approximately USD$ 540).


3 thoughts on “Kondo Demonstrates New Wireless LAN Robot Controller (Video)

  1. Is it using indoor light fixtures as navigation reference points?

  2. No, the identification of the overhead lights is part of the demonstration just to show the type of functions you can build into it.

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