Bubble RC vehicle walks (rolls) on water (Video)

We’re not sure out ‘revolutionary’ it is, but we will say that the Spheroidz remote control RC vehicle (dare we say ‘robot’?) is pretty innovative. The vehicle runs around inside an inflatable plastic bubble that allows it to cross rough terrain, and even roll across water hazards like pools, ponds, and marshy areas.

Between the Spheroidz and the new Cheeky Monkey products, it looks like MechRC is trying to position itself as a broader player in the robot and RC toy category, perhaps with the idea of following in the footsteps of WowWee, or maybe even beating them at their own game.


One thought on “Bubble RC vehicle walks (rolls) on water (Video)

  1. Fantastic idea! Looks like it needs some work steering after a collision with an obstacle. As a toy this will defiantly sell

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