So you think your robot can dance? (Video)

Robot dancing
Dance contests, especially TV dance contest programs have become really popular, so it’s not surprising that the Japanese humanoid robot builders would have to get into the act.

A good example is Dr. GIY, a ROBO-ONE champion robot creator. Not content to just have his robot make some stock movements, Dr. GIY decided to challenge the dancing ability of HRP-2, a multi-million dollar humanoid robot developed by  Kawada Industries and the Manufacturing Science and Technology Center (MSTC), sponsored by the Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) through New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

Although the idea of a single hobbyist working in their small apartment on a tiny budget taking on the massive resources of Japanese industry and government research with virtually unlimited budgets might seem foolhardy, we think you’ll agree that Dr. GIY’s robot is more than up to the task.

First, here’s the really expensive HRP-2 humanoid robot emulating a traditional dancer:

And, on just a tiny fraction of the budget, and working by himself, here’s what Dr. GIY was able to accomplish:

What do you think? What score would you give Dr. GIY’s bot?


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