Kondo RoboSpot starts new multi-legged robot competition (Video)

Robot pentaKondo RoboSpot is promoting a new “multi-legged” robot competition and is trying to build up interest and momentum among robot builders here. They just introduced the concept, and called for potential participants to join the initial meeting. 

Builders were asked to do a self introduction, present their concept along with drawings, photos, and videos, and to participate in discussions to map out the future direction for the competition.

The contest will be open to all multi-legged robots (except biped humanoids that are already covered by other Kondo sponsored competitions). Even a single legged robot can enter, if you can make it work. Tractor treads and wheeled types are not allowed.

The new competition is sure to draw lots of interest, and generate sales of new servos and options for Kondo. Many of the long term humanoid robot builders have a wealth of old servos and controllers sitting on the shelf gathering dust. The new contest will easily inspire them to build some new bots.

One ROBO-ONE builder that is apparently already on the program is Iketomu. He’s already posted the YouTube video below featuring a five legged robot based on the original Kondo KHR-1. Built around the RCB-1 controller, each of the robots legs has 3 servos giving it a total of 15 degrees of freedom.

We’re guessing that he named his new bot “BT-L15” based on Black Tiger, the name of his award winning ROBO-ONE class robot series.

Come to think of it, we have a couple RCB-1 boards and some old 6 Vdc servos laying around.


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