Tokyo CGM Night


We had a fantastic time, and made some great networking connections with key leaders and online trend setters Tuesday night at the 4th Tokyo CGM Night gathering. Our Tokyo CGM Night photoset will give you a taste of what the event was like.

The CGM Night events were conceived and organized by Danny Choo and Andrew Shuttleworth. Quoting from Danny's blog:

The event will be called "Tokyo CGM Night" where CGM stands for "Consumer Generated Media." The event will be a gathering of the leaders in CGM - bloggers, YouTubers, Social Networkers and folks who like to share. The event will also be attended by IT folks from the top Internet companies in Tokyo including Amazon, Microsoft and Google. And then there will be folks from related industries such as media and design.

Just like all meetings and events, there is always a focus and unfortunately Andrew and I are keeping the event exclusively for folks who fit the above description. The aim of the event stays the same - for like minded people to network and blossom harmonious relationships and opportunities."


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