The most popular thing at IREX 2009

robo-one GP-73
Originally uploaded by Robots-Dreams.

Far and away, the ROBO-ONE Gran Prix and several other robot entertainment events organized on the last day of IREX 2009 drew the largest crowds and captured the most public attention. Take a look at our IREX ROBO-ONE Gran Prix photoset and you'll immediately see why huge crowds gathered, and stood for hours in rapt attention on the cold, hard concrete floors of the Big Sight Convention Center.

The rest of the robot business may be in a restructuring and consolidating phase, struggling to survive the current global economic situation, but the ROBO-ONE humanoid robot movement is still going strong with no signs of slowing down at all. Perhaps, in these trying times, the entertainment and inspirational aspects of ROBO-ONE are just what we need to keep our minds, and our spirits, active and out of depression.


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