Robot chorus line featured on Korean TV Christmas Special (Video)

Robobuilder robot
People all over the world are celebrating Christmas, and so far, at least as far as we’ve seen, the South Koreans are the hands down champions at celebrating a robot Christmas. If you’ve seen any robot Christmas video better than the RoboBuilder segment featured on Korean television (see video below), please let us know.

At the very beginning of of the video, you may think you’ve seen the RoboBuilder Christmas routine before, but stay tuned. There’s a lot of new robot dance material, and it gets totally hilarous about midway in the clip when the program guests try to emulate the robots moves.



One thought on “Robot chorus line featured on Korean TV Christmas Special (Video)

  1. GOD, they’re amazing! Nice movements!

    – Greetings from Brazil

    I loved it! Thanks for the posting.
    Nice site! My favorite about robots, I can find every kind of videos and It’s always updated!

    I’m a robomanic, I like reading sci-fi books ( like Asimov ones about robots ), studying their anatomy, and A.I. You’re making me happier with all these nice stuff you post.

    See you, keep doing this wonderful work!

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