ROBO-ONE Light Competition set to spark new interest

Robo-one light

It’s been obvious for the past several ROBO-ONE competitions that the percentage of newcomers had really dropped off, probably due to the fact that the ROBO-ONE committee has consistently raised the performance level of the competitions.

To turn that trend around, inject some new energy and enthusiasum, and to bring in a lot of new builders, the committee has announced the ROBO-ONE Light competition, a subset of the full-on ROBO-ONE event.

The first ROBO-ONE Light event will be held Saturday, March 20, 2010 at the Kawasaki City Industrial Promotion Hall. To make it easier to enter, the committee has published a list of ‘pre-approved’ robot kits. The list currently includes:

  • Kondo KHR-1, KHR-1HV, KHR-2HV, KHR-3HV
  • Best Technology FREEDOM Jr. III, RoboBuilder, Bioloid
  • VStone Robovie-nano, Robovie-X Lite, Robovie-X
  • Kyosho MANOI AT01
  • JRC RB2000
  • Himeji Soft Works JO-Zero, Std-Zero
  • Pirkus R Type-01 DXII Light, R Type-01 DX, R Type-01
  • Futaba G-Robots GR-001, HR-Trainer Jr.

Other robots may be added to the list later.

The robots taking First, Second, and Third place in the ROBO-ONE Light competition earn the right to compete the following day in the 17th ROBO-ONE Competition held at the same venue.


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