New 'Strawberry' servo released for the humanoid robot market

Pirkus robot servo
For serious humanoid robot builders who demand the highest performance, and aren’t overly concerned about price, the new PRS-S40M robot servo from Pirkus looks really sweet.

The servo, nicknamed the “Strawberry” servo by its inventor is extremely rigid with a steel case, aluminum horn, and full-metal gear set. According to Pirkus the servo features rigidity, durability, and superior heat dissipation well above and beyond anything that a typical plastic case servo can ever hope to achieve.

IREX 091126 -198

Highlights of the new servo include:

  • Serial bus interface

  • Up to 253 servos can be connected

  • PWM embedded software development can be simplified

  • PID control parameters allow operational factors, such as the servo deadband

  • Provides feedback covering the servo’s position and individual temperature.

  • Speed: 0.11 sec/60 degrees

  • Steel case and gear set

  • Case mounting holes and clearance designed for humanoid robot development

  • Excellent heat distibution

  • Aluminum horn

  • Specifially designed for builders interested in the ROBO-ONE competition.

IREX 091126 -200

IREX 091126 -201


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