IREX 2009: New robot systems from innovati (Video)

IREX 091126 -32

For the past five years, or so, most of the world’s attention has been focused on Japan, especially in humanoid, research, and hobby robotics. At IREX 2009 it was obvious that the situation is changing, and that Japanese robot manufacturers are facing strong emerging competition from their next door neighbors in Taiwan and other Asian countries.

An excellent example is innovati, Inc, the Taiwan based robot company that developed BASIC Commander and a whole series of affordable modules, boards, and components that enable users to quickly prototype new robot designs and systems.

We had the opportunity during the show to interview Hans Pao (see video below), the president of innovati, and he explained the company’s product lines, philosophy, and history.



One thought on “IREX 2009: New robot systems from innovati (Video)

  1. Hi,

    The kits are so cool. Is there any US distributor? I see Kowatec carrying Innovati products, are they official distributor for US market?


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