Great King Kizer defeats MON*(star) for the 2009 Gran Prix title (Video)

robo-one GP-116

While the regular ROBO-ONE competitions have a more serious, and more technical, flavor, the ROBO-ONE Gran Prix events are entertainment and promotion, pure and simple. The competitors are hand picked to represent the most advanced, most powerful, and most exciting robots that ROBO-ONE has to offer.

The robots that made it to the final competition this year included Sumi Family’s Arimopurena (the powerful cow humanoid), Metallic Fighter (always a crowd pleaser with DNA that can be traced back to the first ROBO-ONE competitions years ago), MON*(star) (a unique and highly articulated robot), and Maru Family’s Great King Kizer.

Through a series of elimination matches, Great King Kizer ended up fighting MON*(star) for the ROBO-ONE Gran Prix title:

The match was expected to be a little more even since the previous Great King Kizer weighed around 4.4 kg and stood 54 cm tall, which was almost equivalent to MON*(star)s size.

However, in his never ending quest to improve and advance his robots, Nao Maru actually put New Great King Kizer in the ring to do battle. His latest robot weighs almost twice as much (9.0 kg) and towers a full 100 cm tall. The surprising thing is that somehow he not only kept the same performance, movement smoothness, and flexibility, he seems to have improved it. The only noticable weak point is the long amount of time it takes the robot to rise to its feet after a fall, though that may have just been a fake out strategy on Maru’s part.

If you’re wondering how the New Great King Kizer would stack up against a human wrestler, just wait a moment. We’ll have the answer for you, coming up soon….


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