Celebrating the 100th Paxshikai i-SOBOT video (Video)

Isobot gadgets
Paxshikai is the undisputed master of the i-SOBOT robot and over the past two years has produced a never ending stream of entertaining i-SOBOT videos with the robot demonstrating his custom gadgets. His creations, fabricated by hand in his workshop have included crossbows, a bazooka, various machine guns and even gattling guns, a bow and arrow, a light saber, and more.

To celebrate the release of his 100th i-SOBOT video he put together the compliation and retrospective clip below.



One thought on “Celebrating the 100th Paxshikai i-SOBOT video (Video)

  1. do Paxshikai has a page where he explain how to bluid the guns?


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