Catching up with The Robot Report

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Most of us robot-geeks tend to be totally over the top about the hardware, software, sensors, or some other aspect of robot technology. All of that is fine and good, as far as it goes. But sooner or later our robot creations need to be turned into real products, marketed and promoted, aggressively sold and supported. They need to be able to stand on their own as viable business propositions with reasonable ROI.

So, while we're off having tons of fun developing new robots and robotic toys (and spending other people's money), it's good to know that business people like Frank Tobe, the founder and editor of The Robot Report are keeping us all honest by tracking "the business of robotics."

Frank and I were able to finally link up face-to-face at IREX on the final morning of the show to exchange notes and perspectives. And, not too surprisingly, we found we have a tremendous amount in common in addition to our belief in the future of robotics.

If you have an interest in the business and investing aspects of robotics, then you should definitely add Frank’s The Robot Report and his more detailed Everything Robotic blog to your RSS reader.

If you aren't interested in the business side of robotics, then you really need to question why you aren't....


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