US humanoid robots are getting are bigger, and badder. (Video)

Giger robot
It’s really too bad that we can’t be in two (or three or four) places at once. We really wanted to see Giger, the 9 pound, 2 foot tall humanoid robot with 24 degrees of freedom in action at iHobby. Giger uses 16 of the Dynamixel RX-64 servos plus another 8 RX-28 servos, and it takes two 1900 mAh LiPo batteries to keep this humongous biped moving, and move he does.

With a little fine tuning, and battle experience, Giger could be ready to enter the fray over here for one of the ROBO-ONE competitions next year.

Giger warming up at the iHobby 2009 show with his creator, Andrew Alter:

And, another video featuring Giger in the lab prior to iHobby:

And some close-up Giger photos.



One thought on “US humanoid robots are getting are bigger, and badder. (Video)

  1. Thanks Lem!

    Giger is my pet project at the moment, still have a lot of work to get him up to par with the Farrell’s bots. That table at iHobby was unfortunately at a pretty bad angle, was wreaking havoc on my already precarious balance. He should be fully ready for Mech Warfare at Robogames 2010 though!

    Cheers! I’ll keep you updated.

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