OTL makes the TOMY i-SOBOT hackable! (Video)

Isobot board
The team motto for the gang at OTL Technology Laboratory is “We are producing interesting robots!”, and they couldn’t have picked a better motto. It fits perfectly.

The first robot designed they unveiled back in July was a humanoid with an iPhone 3GS head (see below). Then they added additional functionality by making the robot bilingual.

Now they have developed a small interface board that mates an Arduino board with the i-SOBOT! The board allows individual control over each of the i-SOBOT’s 17 servos, and eliminates the stock IR remote control device.

 OTL’s new i-SOBOT controller interface:

The OTL design equipping a Kondo KHR-2HV humanoid robot with an iPhone 3Gs head:


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  1. 25 Hatfield Road
    i have an i-sobot like the interface

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