David Otten: 30th All Japan Micromouse Competition summary

micromouse 2009-13

David Otten has been a leader, if not The Leader, in micromouse competitions for the past few decades, and has been actively competing in the annual Japan Micromouse competitions for 22 years without missing a single competition.

David was kind enough to share his initial report from this years competition in Tsukuba, Japan, along with a marked up copy of the final Expert Class maze and the successful paths used by the robots.

Here’s David’s report:


The 30th running of the All Japan Micromouse Contest was held on November 23, 2009. Each contestant was given 5 minutes and 5 starts. The best of the 5 runs was used. Bright lights and flash were allowed. The results are shown below. Eighty mice participated in the expert category. One hundred and seventeen mice participated in a separate freshman category.

Results of the 2009 All Japan Expert Micromouse Contest

Mouse Name Designer Country Time
Rush Soh Yi Lang Singapore 5.050
BR8SW Yin Hsiang Ting Singapore 5.804
Excel-7 Khiew Tzong Yong Singapore 5.828
Japan 8.858

Micromouse robot maze

The top mice took the red path. Those that preferred a straighter path took the blue. A few also took the green path.

Thirty two entries were registered for the second year of the ? size micromouse format. Four mice participated in the final with Mr. Itani of Noriko fame taking first place.

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