AUTOMATIC: Robotic art show coming up in San Francisco

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Want a sneak peek into the wonderful world of robotic art? Want to bask in, and perhaps be shocked by the energy of cybernetic creativity? Want to explore the potential and beauty of mechanistic conception? Want to show off your own static or dynamic androidinist organisms? Or, just want to hang out with artists on the fringe? Plan on attending, or exhibiting at AUTOMATIC: A Robot Art Fundraiser for RoboGames 2010.

    AUTOMATIC: A Benefit Art Show for RoboGames 2010
    lowerdeck Gallery
    2295 3rd Street (below Sundance Coffee)
    San Francisco, CA 94107
    November 18th-20th, 2009

    Robogames wants your robo-centric artwork for its upcoming exhibition, “AUTOMATIC” at lowerdeck Gallery in San Francisco.
    What does it mean to be a robot? Do sentient machines dwell on the existential circuit that leads to the spiritual 404 error? Does being a machine mean just being a device, literarily, artistically and literally? Or does everything just boil down to everyone’s deep seated need to crush all humans and plot eventual total world domination?

    We aim to convene in our underground lair to discuss these matters and showcase dozens of two-dimensional and three-dimensional artworks from artists of a range of disciplines. We welcome visual, kinetic, aural, digital and other forms of art, however there will be no available space or permitting for large-scale or fire art. While the call for entries is open, space is limited. Interested applicants should follow the details below to be considered for this very special event.

    This event will serve as a fundraiser and promotion of RoboGames 2010, taking place April 23-25th, 2010 at the San Mateo County Expo Center in San Mateo, California. For more information see

    There are a number of ways to submit artwork to “AUTOMATIC”.

    -Email us a link to the artwork on the web to the specific artwork with details about its materials and dimensions.

    -Email a low-resolution file (72dpi and under 300k in JPEG format) along with a description of materials and dimensions.

    All submissions should be sent to Simone at RoboGames

    -Send slides, photos, or disks via physical mail. These samples will not be returned. Email Simone at RoboGames for the snail mail.

    Submissions for this exhibition will be open until the space is adequately filled.

    Thanks for your time. We hope to see your artwork soon!

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