ASIMO runs, like a Japanese… (Video)

Asimo robot running
K Moriyama, probably the best and most knowledgeable science and technology writer in Japan, managed to catch Honda’s ASIMO robot running almost directly head-on. While experts seem fond of debating whether or not the famous robot is actually ‘running’ in the true sense of the word, we’re reminded once again that man creates in ‘his own image.’

It’s pretty obvious, at least to observant people here, that ASIMO runs the same way as most Japanese people do, with a unique gait somewhere between walking and all out jogging. While there is no hard evidence to support it, some researchers believe that the quasi-running gait traces its roots back to the Edo era when most people wore a form of kimono that restricted their leg movements.



One thought on “ASIMO runs, like a Japanese… (Video)

  1. But Asimo is still a slow runner with its speed of 6Km/h :( Toyota got one robot able to run at 7 Km/h… but we’re still far from robot running like in I-robots :/ I hope R&D is really working on this lack ! ^_^

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