Weird robot face yields simple animation concepts (Video)

Heartland robot face
Researching designs similiar to the simple Talkie Walkie robot face, we ran across the “Magic Monster”, a Stephen King-ish robot axe murderer kind of toy that we would love to add to our growing robot collection.

Like Talkie Walkie, Magic Monster simulates human (or distorted human) facial expressions using a simple mechanism to drive a flexible face.

One neat aspect of the Magic Monster design is that it’s facial drive mechanism was laid out matching the holes used by stock finger puppets, meaning that the robot faces can be readily changed giving it a wide variety of personalities.

Here are a few that the Weirdo Toys website have already tried:

Using stock servos and some custom servo horns/linkages, we should be able to hack together a really awesome, and a lot quieter, animated robot display that would be perfect for holidays like Halloween, or a unique artbot project.


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