The robots are out and about at iHobby Expo (Video)

Ihobby robots
Thanks to Michael Overstreet, the creator of RoboGames champion humanoid robot Boomer, who shared this early video from the iHobby Expo venue in Chicago.

Although it isn’t identified in the video, we believe the cool humanoid above is being exhibited by Trossen Robotics, a major supplier of hobby robot kits and components.

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  1. that looks like a cycloidII… if it is they sure programmed it badly for the price, lol

  2. john coffman

    Yeah we’re here, ready to kick some bot. Mike and I are going to have to double team zog, or we’re going to go down in flames when we try to beat on it. I’ve met some people from robogames already and everybody is having a good time.

  3. john coffman

    That is a very well built robot and the moves are also. Its run with robs new robot and holds it’s own

  4. That robot would be Giger. It was built by Andrew Alter from Trossen Robotics.

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