The group that hacks together, enjoys together

The Tokyo HackerSpace Brain Machine workshop was fantastic. So, our next THS adventure in community electronics hacking will be the Minty Boost charger for my iPhone and iPod.

You might wonder why since I already own several (3 actually) mini battery packs that I use with my iPhone. The answer is simple:

1) Minty Boost uses standard batteries that I can buy almost anywhere in a pinch.

2) The Minty Boost design is hacker-cool, and I can easily decorate it with robot logos.

3) I really like the sense of accomplishment that comes from making things by hand, and the look on peoples faces when they learn how it was made.

and, the real reason...

4) The Tokyo Hackerspace group is a real turn-on with sincere, open people who enjoy sharing their knowledge, experience, and encouragement.


One thought on “The group that hacks together, enjoys together

  1. Help please,
    I have the i-SOBOT Robot, fantastic. However, because of the accent, I really cannot understand a lot of what it says.
    Does anyone have a typed-out text of all it says?

    Freddie Nicholls.

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