The BBC covers Japanese robotics (Video link)

Click, the BBC’s flagship technology program(me) has an interesting segment covering robot development here, and why the view of robotics is so different from Western Cultures. (Video here)


One thought on “The BBC covers Japanese robotics (Video link)

  1. As a typical small town USA citizen all my life, I can say that my view isn’t necessarily all that different from the views in Japan. I for one welcome our future robot over lords with big happy hearts and souls. 😉 On a more serious note though, I think the view of future mankind annihilation by self controlled robotic armies is greatly exaggerated but makes for a very fun film/book universe. I even own a large terminator action figure I keep on my book shelf at work. I do believe that long before any ‘war’ could take place, we would build enough safeguards into any AI to prevent such outcomes and that the future of robotics holds a very happy place for all of humankind. Of course, some top scientists such as Hugo de Garis believe an Artilect War is imminent within the next 100 years.

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