Robot Sumo is lightening fast in Japan (Video)

Robot sumo
Japanese robot sumo is so fast, and so powerful, that literally if you blink even for a micro-second you will miss all the action.

Take a look (and don’t blink) at the two videos below taken on Saturday at the Kanto Regional Robot Sumo competition to see what we mean.


8 thoughts on “Robot Sumo is lightening fast in Japan (Video)

  1. Hey! I saw an antenna they aren’t autonomous their just RC cards!

  2. Dylan,
    Japanese robot sumo has two categories. One is RC controlled and the other category is completely autonomous. Even the RC robots have a lot of autonomous AI built in, just like modern fighter planes/

  3. Most of the Japanese sumo robot builders use Maxon motors. They’re expensive, but the performance and durability is the best on the market.

  4. We use maxon motors, and our robots doesn’t go so fast, we us around 20 volts.

  5. @Jerry: The robots in both of the videos in this post are R/C controlled, but they have a lot of sensors and autonomous routines onboard to make lightening fast decisions about where and when to attack.

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