New humanoid robot from Robotis really rocks! (Video)

Thanks to Michael Overstreet, we’re able to share the video below direct from the iHobby 2009 currently taking place in Chicago. Robotis is showing off their latest Bioloid humanoid robot standing on a tilted rotating platform. The robot, equipped with a new Balance Sensor Module is able to maintain perfect balance and stability. This is definitely going to give the competition some heartburn once the Robotis robot is released in a few months.


4 thoughts on “New humanoid robot from Robotis really rocks! (Video)

  1. Nice Job To robotis with the implant of the new sensor.

    I have always thought that robotis robots looked cheap. The color of the plastic makes it look like plad plastic.

  2. There’s always the clear plastic model, these robots are really fast and light, have sensors built in that I spent a week getting to work right in RN-! and have factory support.

  3. Fantastic sensor! i would love to see it in a more varied environment and walking

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