IEEE webinar to address the biggest challenge facing advanced robot development

IEEE Spectrum has a free robotics webinar coming up entitled "The Future of Robotics."

According to the webinar webpage:


Recently, one of the most well-known roboticists in the world Dr. David Barrett, current director of the SCOPE program at Olin College, and former VP of iRobot and director of Disney Imagineering, summed up the three biggest challenges in robotics:

  • Creating better (smaller, lighter, and more powerful) batteries

  • Creating better (smaller, lighter, and more powerful) actuators

  • Addressing the need for an industrial-grade, hardened, and richly supported software development system

The final webcast in this series will address the biggest challenge: roboticists need powerful software to design their autonomous systems ?Esoftware that is not unique to a particular robot or task, is open to incorporate existing algorithms, and is powerful enough to solve problems we do not even understand today.

One word to the wise, the webinar is sponsored by National Instruments, and the key presenter is Shelley Gretlein, a senior group manager for National Instruments, so it's possible that some of the opinions might not be completely unbiased, though they will certainly be useful and hopefully thought provoking. We plan on tuning in, even though it will be the middle of the night here.


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