Cocktail robot workshop in Vienna (Video)

Cocktail robots
Forget about asking your handy dandy domestic robot assistant to bring you a beer. Now you can learn how to build complex robots capable of preparing a wide variety of mixed drinks. Get yourself over to Vienna for the week of November 9th, and be prepared to burn the midnight oil.

The guru’s of alcoholic robotic beverages from Roboexotica will be leading the hands-on workshop. Over the perod of a week, participants will learn how to design and build their very own cocktail robot. amd finnally, on November 14th they’ll all get a chance to really get down and party with their robots. Participants in the workshop will also be invited to show off their creations at the main Roboexotica 2009.

Here’s a brief look at one of the previous Roboexotica events:


One thought on “Cocktail robot workshop in Vienna (Video)

  1. why even give this press. this one mocks robotics and makes the viennese look like obnoxious louts.

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