Robot Christmas Gearing Up

image663972185.jpgChrstmas must be coming! The leaves on the trees haven't started to change color yet, and the birds haven't started their annual Fall migration to warmer climes, so how do we know that Santa's on his way?

Simple. WowWee Robotics creations, like the Roborover and the Roborover mini-version have started to pop-up on the Amazon and Target websites. :)

Priced at USD$69, the full sized Roborover appears to be a nice companion product to last years popular Tri-Bot robot. Equipped with tractor treads (think WALL-E) instead of the Tri-Bots omni-directional wheels, the Roborover comes equipped with a tilt sensor and a number of fun driving games.

Time to hack our Xmas Robot Wishlist together!

Thanks to Robert for the heads-up!


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