New Robot Hands Are Really Gripping

CraftHouse, the same innovative group that developed the popular Blaser robot laser tag system, has released a new set of humanoid robot hands.

The hands, both left and right, include four fingers and an opposing thumb allowing it to grasp objects smoothly. Although the hands are designed for use with Kondo KHR series based robots, and use Kondo servos, it should be possible to adopt/hack them for use with other designs, humanoid or not...

As the CraftHouse name and reputation implies, the design, craftsmanship, and quality, is excellent. And, as you might expect, so is the price. The new grippers list for approxiamately USD$630 in Japan.

While the company hasn't stated officially whether or not they plan to sell the product overseas, they have made other products, like the Blaser system, available to foreign robot hobbyists. They do have staff that can handle English, so if you're interested it wouldn't hurt to let them know by email.

For readers in Japan, the CraftHouse robot staff are planning to be at the Kondo Robospot store (see map link at the top of the page) for the Blaser laser tag competition this Sunday. It's a sure bet that they will also be showing off the new robot hands. :)
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