New Robot Bug Viral Marketing Campaign… Clue #5

Connecting the dots-

1) RoboWild is a new YouTube account

2) RoboWild only subscribes to one account (at the moment): AntonOlsen

3) AntonOlsen favorited all the RoboWild videos and posted about them on his blog

4) Anton is the web guy at Innovation First (IFI), and writes for Wired Magazine’s GeekDad Blog.

5) IFI is responsible for VEX Robotics, the VEX Robotics Competition, and some very popular, and extremely cute, robot insects: the HEXBUG’s.

Following the bread crumbs, it looks like it comes down to a very creative, and well executed, viral marketing champaign for the new “Swarming Soon nano Micro Robotic Creatures” from Hexbug.



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