Vstone Robovie-Nano Robot Promises Low Cost & High Performance (Video)


The new Robovie-Nano from Vstone, scheduled to start shipping in Japan later this month, looks pretty good, at least on paper. We’re going to holdback on making any firm judgments until we get the chance to actually evaluate a unit up close and personal, but from what we’ve seen so far, the Robovie-Nano will definitely be a strong low-end, low-cost humanoid robot competitor.

According to its pre-release specifications, the new humanoid robot is 23 cm tall, only weighs 575 grams (with battery pack installed), and has 15 degrees of freedom. The robots servo configuration is 4 servos per leg, 3 per arm, and 1 for the head resulting in a total of 15 VS-S020 servo motors. Vstone also plans to release an option kit to add additional degrees of freedom to the robot, along with decorative body shells in a selection of colors.

Unlike other humanoids that use proprietary battery packs, the Robovie-Nano is powered by four Ni-MH AAA batteries (sold separately). Motions are created using Vstone’s RobovieMaker2 software application that is currently supported on Windows 2000, XP, and Vista (Japanese versions). The robot controller board is the VS-RC003HV and supports a USB interface. The robot also features a standard audio output with speaker.

Projected list price in Japan is expected to be 49,350 yen (approx. USD$500).

Here’s a look at the ‘nano’ robot’s ‘macro’ perfomance:


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