The Robot Master Demos New Low Cost Robot Education Kit (Video)

Jin Sato, the founder of JS-Robotics as well as being famous for his ROBO-ONE humanoid robots and LEGO Mindstorms creations, has developed an extremely unique robot focused on the education market.


Sato designed his latest robot kit based on requests from educators operating on limited budgets and scarce resources. They needed to introduce students to robotics, but often couldn’t even afford the cheapest PC.

Sato took their needs to heart, and after an intense development process, he came up with an education robot kit that doesn’t require expensive servos, motors, controllers, or even wheels. And it can be programmed totally without a computer, using tools as simple as a pencil and sheet of paper.

Instead of servo motors, Sato’s new robot is driven by an inexpensive cell phone vibrator. Tooth brush heads (yes, simple tooth brush bristles) replace the wheels. And the programming is done by having the robot optically sense pencil marks on a page.


The robot kit itself may be cheap, but doesn’t scrimp on features. In the video below Sato demonstrates how it can be programmed to act as a line follower, play robot sumo, and other functions. The design also includes lots of room for customization by student so that they can gain confidence by adding their own features. 


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